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Dr. Theodoros G. Trakas was born in Athens. He attended the Dental School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and graduated in 1998


Fixed prosthodontics

Conventional fixed prosthodontics offers solutions in cases with single or multiple missing teeth. This type of therapy includes single crowns to restore single decayed or fractured teeth and bridges to restore multiple missing teeth. In cases of posterior teeth with huge old-broken fillings, those could be replaced with inlays and onlays, made out of composite materials or porcelain.


Anterior fixed partial denture for replacing an anterior missing tooth

Metal-ceramic crowns for teeth with large fillings

Anterior fixed partial denture to replacee missing teeth from car accident

Correction of black interdental space and gingival colour with direct bonding and a all-ceramic e-max crown.

Restoration of the incisors with all-ceramic crowns

Restoration of anterior teeth with periodontitis

Conventional removable prosthodontics

Conventional removable prosthodontics offers solution in cases of completely


Removable partial denture to replca upper missing teeth

Upper and lower full removable dentures

Full-mouth reconstruction with implants, bridges and a partial denture for the upper teeth

or partially edentulous patients.


Restoration of the upper teeth with bridges and a removable partial denture with precision attachment (no clasps)

Rehabilitation with an immediate denture

It includes the complete full dentures and the partial removable dentures. The main characteristic of those prostheses is that they need to be removed and cleaned by the patient every day at least once. They can be made out of a metal substructure and an acrylic part replacing the missing teeth and gums.